3 Steps After HTTPS for your WordPress

Gone were the days where WordPress is good enough with http. Ever since Google has now changed their algorithm and also more link searches with https, it is time to move on and get a secured site for your website or in this case, your blog.

If you are not sure how to incorporate SSL or TSL into your site to obtain the https, you can either contact your hosting provider (I am sure they’ve already have that capability for you to move into secure site) or choose to look at tutorials online (usually a hassle). On self hosted sites, the purchase of the certificate is another hassle.


So now when you are thinking. I have done the above, what’s next?

What’s Next

Now your site has the beginning of https on it’s domain. That is a good sign. Though there are a few things what every WordPress users have to now look at.

Post Entries

Usually it should not be an issue as it should display as what it should. Though with SEO, it is wise to get allĀ  your post that have links to http to be linked back to https in order for google not marked your site as secure (but not purely secure). You can actually modify your post one by one that has these links or asked your hosting provider to help you change all the links in the post entries.

Note: There are dangers if you updated all http links as some have not migrated to https.


If you are familiar with the backend and have access to your database, this is another place where you want to update all links to https.


Some of them are links to images you have linked it to. Having images that are linked to normal http sites will ensure that Google will capture it as not fully safe. Beats me why would they do that though! (Someone enlighten me please)


These are all the practices one should make for their WordPress after transferring to HTTPS. Now you know the secret, since these are just best practices. If you have any more ideas on how to improve these, why not drop your ideas down here below.

Upcoming fixes

To show most updated posts on the front page (as there might be updates to old posts which have broken links or new solution to old problems.


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