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WampServer has been a very good tool to do your own localized php programming. So happens though, TechieDan has been experimenting with WordPress offline to design templates. Though there was an error when setting it up with permalinks that displays the title.

Tech Talk : A reason to display your wordpress in the specified URL is so that it would be SEO friendly. Users and readers would be able to search for your post and even robots from the world wide web would be able to detect the URL easily with relative keywords.

Here was the proposed link to be done locally.


Permalink WordPress

By doing so, the link should work only to return a 404 error. Opps.. Looks like the location doesn’t exist. You tried looking about in the wordpress settings to see what has been done wrong. Then only to find that the solution lies in the php wampserver itself.

404 Not Found

If you have WampServer installed. Open your httpd.conf file under Apache selection.Now do the following.

Locate the line below in the httpd.conf file.

#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

After doing so, uncomment the line stated by removing the ‘#’ symbol from it. It should now appear like this.

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

These are so far the most basic required to get your wordpress to function properly on a WampServer. This guide was written in reference to a deeper reference I got from Lancelhoff.

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