FeedBurner Migrated To Google

Are you a blogger that wants to deliver news to your readers? How can you do that? Can your user subscribe to your blog and get the latest blog post? Yes, if you’re using WordPress, one can subscribe to you using the RSS feeds located on your blog.

Now the question though, is how to keep track on the amount of readers on your blog? One possible way is by using FeedBurner. But then something changed!!!!

Google acquired Feedburner a few months back, and while I was using Feedburner, the feeds don’t seem to be updated. Using Google Reader to read my feeds, I detect that my feed wasn’t updated and decided to have a check on Feedburner. It looks like Google has migrated the feed reading of Feedburner to another domain name.

Now instead of www.feedburner.com, one should access to the new feeds using feedburner.google.com. But of course if you’re an exisiting user of feedburner, log in first to feedburner.com to move your feeds to the new feeds in feedburner.google.com so that you can get your new feed link.

If you’re still clueless on what are feeds and stuffs, here’s where one can get started. Start by trying to click on the Subscribe to RSS logo on the top right or on this FEED LINK itself. You’ll learn more.

RSS Image
Or Subscribe By Clicking This Giant RSS Icon

In that way, after choosing your reader, you can now catch the latest news from your favorite blog.

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