4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a SEO Firm

Hiring an SEO firm may make or break your company. Your website must appear on the first page of a search result on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for your customers to know that you exist. Better search engine visibility is critical in boosting visits to your site and getting more customers. More visits mean that you have increased brand awareness and most likely, higher sales. You may lack the time and expertise to improve your site’s search engine visibility, so hiring a professional is a smart idea. As a result, you will need to consult with an experienced SEO consultant. Here are four questions to ask when hiring a SEO firm.


May I have a list of current and past clients?

Any reputable SEO will have no problem sharing a brief list of current and former clients. Some will go ahead to provide contact information so that you can conduct further inquiries. These references will help you gauge how active the firm is, and verify the kind of SEO campaigns done by the potential candidate. Clients may not provide specific analytics, but they will tell you the upside and downside of their search ranking.

How will you improve my search engine ranking?

Look for SEO consultants who will freely discuss their methods in details. The firm should explain the plan they wish to use to drive up your website’s search engine ranking. The company should also estimate how long it could take to achieve the SEO campaign goals. Hire a company that provides an initial review of your website to remove any problems that could lower its ranking. SEO consults should also offer “on page” optimization to make the website as search engine friendly as possible. Ask the potential firm if they provide “off page” strategies to raise awareness of your content on other sites through blogs and social media platforms.

Are you experienced at improving Local Search Results?

Appearing on the top local search engine is vital to small businesses, which are trying to attract customers. You need a consultant who is experienced in local SEO techniques. After optimizing your site as “local SEO,” it should appear when someone nearby searches for keywords that are relevant to your business. A consultant should add your business’s city and state to your website’s title tags and Meta descriptions. He should also get your site listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s local listings, which are online directories of business that cater to a specific geographical area.

Will you share with me all the changes you make to my site?

A consultant will have to make some changes to your existing site coding. The firm should inform you of all the adjustments they plan on making and how many web pages. Some business owners will demand that a firm requests for their permission before making any significant changes. The changes may include adding new title tags to your existing HTML code, changing the copywriting content, or adding new pages.

Make sure that you review different companies before making a decision. Visit the firm’s website to see what services they offer. Look for a company that displays their information like this SEO firm in Chicago.

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