Favorite SEO WordPress Plugins

You have already gotten your domain name and I presume that you’re going to start installing WordPress to start your blog engine. Problem though is after many days of posting so many things online, why not many people are visiting your site. What is wrong? Well, here are few simple steps and few plugins which TechieDan would recommend to use.

In every blog that wants to promote or to tell out something to the world wide web, there must be a meaning. Imagine who is going to know what post you’re writing if let’s say your title is “Apartment with the gang” when actually what you wanted to present was “Dinner at Apartment Restaurant“. Strangers might not even bothered looking at your site. Friends will, if they are part of the gang though. These are what we called search engine friendlies or rather SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But easier said than done.

There is another thing which most bloggers do which is the link to a blog. Imagine this, if techiedan.com links point to a https://techiedan.com/p=123 or https://techiedan.com/2009/09/28/opening-raw-photo-formats-in-photoshop/. Which one would be more meaningful? Yes, the second one would be the most viable choice. Why? It presents itself clearly and in the case you need to get back to the link, you can always check back through history for the link via your browser.

A lot of people thought that blogging only deals with what you write should just be enough, most don’t understand how is wordpress running though. Basically there are lots of other things like XML which helps out a lot.

XML Big Logo

So far so good, the few steps of starting your wordpress experience. How about some plugins to boost your web search.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator Now your blog is up and ready. What better way to start than to create a sitemap for google to cache your site faster. With this, one’s blog would be able to notify google of new contents. This enables one’s site to be indexed by majority of the search engines.
All in One SEO Pack Well, this should be the Mother of all SEO packs for the WordPress. With title naming conventions and friendly links to post title and page titles, this would be the ultimate of handling most of your SEO friendly links. Even META tags, Blog Description is inside this monster of a kind.
Akismet A must have for all bloggers. Well for the first few days or rather months there would be hardly any traffic but wait till after awhile, your blog will get spam like no one’s business. Definitely a must have for most bloggers on the wordpress engine. At least you’re more least likely to have superb spam comments on your post comments.

These are just a few of the recommended plugins that TechieDan would recommend. It’s good to go for a headstart. There are lots and lots of other plugins available on the world wide web. If you feel that other plugins deserve a note, why not leave a comment and share with the whole TechieDan community right here. What’s more, it’ll help bloggers who are lost to get right back on track.

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