SEO Tips: Website Submissions

Still thinking of what other ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? I am not a super SEO expert but I can still give you a few ideas to help improve your website traffics.


Before we go even further, do check out all my other SEO helps and tips if this is your first time here. SEO is not all about writing great contents and hoping for it to be crawled by search engine bots, it also takes some time and some proactive effort from the webmaster. Yes, they are really slow in catching your web page.

First you have got to start writing proper names for your blog title (if you’re a blogger), which is appropriate for the post. Imagine writing things like “Wahhhhhhh” as the title post which is in fact a post about how good a product is but since the title of the post does not reflect that, you seemingly have lost a lot of visitors on your blog post.

Now you know part of the secret of getting hits for your website, shouldn’t one submit their blog post or website to a Website Aggregator to help promote traffic. What? What is this?

There are certain websites which helps in creating more traffic as they help to ping search engines regarding your blog post. Submitting to a seo directory submission listing will increasingly help your traffic. Though be warned, that you should not keep submitting the same thing over and over again due to strict policy guidelines from web search engines. Imagine being blacklisted by Google due to over submission.

Now write those posts in a way one should write and happy posting them via a SEO directory website.

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