The Top 3 Professional Development Experiences that You Cannot Afford to Miss in 2018

Over the last few decades, the way organizations operate has undergone massive changes. As a result, success is defined by how well a company can keep up with the times. The most notable change has been on the technological front. With evolving tech, automation, and globalization, the world has now become a true global village. And with these changes, it has also become imperative for learners’ needs to evolve as well. This is the only way to stay relevant in this new business landscape.

2018 promises to bring even more transformation. Innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality will become the norm. So it’s important to ask yourself: how fast are you learning the skills that will help you stay competitive in the new year? If you haven’t taken the necessary steps yet, then it becomes imperative for you to know which professional development experiences you should focus on in this new year. Here are the top 3 options to keep an eye on:

  1. Close the Digital Skills Gap

When it comes to digital skills, their shelf life is shrinking. As new technology emerges, old skills become outdated. As soon as you master a new software or app, the developers come out with a newer version that has more features and capabilities.

digital gap


This means that you have to work extra hard just to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech sector. Marketers and social media influencers will have to learn how to incorporate new advances into their own practices to ensure their continued success. New tech gives you insights that, when leveraged correctly, can help you provide greater value to your clients.

That’s why it’s a great idea for you to join the SEO Institute this year. If you are passionate about developing your professional skills in online marketing, this is the perfect next step for you.

  1. Focus on AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly gaining prominence in the online world. More and more companies are using these innovations to run their digital processes. For now, AI and machine learning have become very important in understanding and predicting user behavior based on past preferences.

Therefore, take advantage of this boom by educating yourself on all you need to know about AI and machine learning. That said, the challenge with these applications is making sense of the huge amount of data available and leveraging it in a way that will drive business value. So, also focus on understanding the implications of big data and how to use them in your own online operations will also play a big role in your company’s success.

  1. Develop your People Skills

It’s no secret that living in a world that is driven by technology has led to a breakdown in communication skills. This also affects businesses, where there is much less human interaction in the office. Face-to-face meetings and phone calls have been replaced by email and text communication.

Sure, technology holds a special place in business operations. But developing soft skills is still vital to helping you communicate value, supplement your technical skills, and generally stay relevant. So focus on developing your skills in collaboration, negotiation, emotional intelligence, and social skills this year to help you become a more valuable professional in your workplace.

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