How The Technology Industry Is Perfect For Undergrads

Employment opportunities in the technology industry are growing at a rate of 13% in 10 years; that is a much faster pace than any other industry. With the professional world looming in the near distance or already upon you, finding gainful employment that can keep you passionate throughout your career is imperative. Getting a job in the technology industry does not only offer a financial benefit, it can help clear debts quicker and help the world excel by challenging yourself.

Unmatched Availability

One of the biggest issues in finding a career after school is being able to secure a job among the cutthroat competition in society today. Technology jobs are growing faster than any occupation, and this is not set to stop anytime soon as technology is becoming more and more of an emphasis in society. The market for these jobs is booming and now is the beginning of a huge window of opportunity within the industry. This security is one of the first things job seekers look for in an industry.

Financial Independence

Tech jobs are some of the most gainful industries to be employed in, with the average U.S. salary being $75,000 with an expectation to grow to $100,000 soon, technology jobs offer some of the highest starting wages. explains that this allows for financial freedom in your post-grad life, but it can also can expedite one of the most stressful processes incurred upon graduating; paying back student loan debt. Paying back your student loans can be financially and mentally draining. While there are sites that explain the different loan packages and forgiveness plans you can take on, jobs in the tech industry can expedite the process with larger average paychecks than other professions.

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More Than Money

In a world where technology is a part of everything we do, a career in technology can be something you are not only good at, but passionate about. While money is great, it isn’t everything and being passionate about your work and helping others are big factors in where you want your career to begin. Tech jobs are always changing and the demands are never met, so learning new and current information and staying on top of the industry are big parts of tech jobs. With these demands changing daily, your work can be extremely impactful and rewarding. Developing software to increase the efficiency of medical equipment or programming intelligence analysis software are just two examples of the ways technology jobs have real-world impact and ever changing set of responsibilities.

Go Tech

Finding a career after graduating can be very hard and can set you up for a career you love or just simply endure. By going into the technology industry you are entering an industry with high opportunity and high paychecks. But more importantly, it is an ever-changing career with very impactful positions. Consider a career in technology to smooth your transition from college to the real world and set yourself up for a meaningful and useful career.

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