WordPress 2.6.3 Released Before 2.7

After what most of us are expecting WordPress version 2.7 to be out anything end of this month, it looks like the WordPress team gave us another slightly different surprise. A new update for a possible glitch and security issue.

This is the excerpt of the release patch.

A vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today.  WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard.   Although this seems to be a low risk vulnerability for WordPress users, we wanted to get an update out immediately.  2.6.3 is available for download right now.  If you don’t want to download the whole release to get the security fix, you can download the following two files and copy them over your 2.6.2 installation.

  1. wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
  2. wp-includes/version.php

Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead of downloading the whole thing, you just need to replace the two files over your 2.6.2 installation. The post for this update can be seen here.

So if you haven’t yet do the update yet, do it now before you get yourself desecuritirized.

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