FeedBurner Gone Error 500

Seemingly, it’s another bad year for me. Or rather a bad few days. I had a complaint from one of my online contacts that my Feed wasn’t showing up well, so I went to search over the Internet the causes of it. I thought it was a temporary glitch on Feedburner.

Little did I know, it was more than that. After that my readers all didn’t get their feeds for a long time and I got this error screen Bang! Kapowww! Krakk! Error 500!!

FeedBurner Error

Now you’ve seen it, how the heck did I rectify this error then?


well, I did finally fix this error. I found out the culprit was the translator plugin which I put on and that somehow affected my Feedburner and made it gone haywire.

So now whenever you have this error, check for your latest plugin in your wordpress that you’ve inserted. A code there might affect the Feedburner from doing it’s job.

I hoped my experience helped you people out there

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