Wired Connection – Artnet 8 Port Switch

Before my wifi modem actually came to my house, TechieDan was actually using a wired connection between his computers and his other laptops at home. Well, the rest used by other family members of course. So the whole thing was a a wired connection which is linked by one device called the Switch. Most people have their modems with built in router which supports up to 4 ports. Mine didn’t have one so I bought a switch instead. It worked perfectly fine for me.

Artnet 8 Port Switch

The ArtNet 8 Ports Switch is just a simple device which just act as a connector between network lines and the modem. In other words, it doesn’t have the functionality of a router which can limit the amount of bandwidth used.

Back View of Switch

So having a look at the back of the switch, you’ll noticed the 8 ports. Basically they all have the same function. There is no separate port for the modem to connect to. If you really need extension to your network cabling needs, get a switch. Of course, would rather recommend you to go wireless.

But then, if one really need a stable faster transfer speed between networks, yes, opt for cable instead.

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