Secured HIPAA Hosting

Is your hosting secure? For bloggers, that would not be an issue, well it shouldn’t be right? Wait… what about those emails you have of your subscribers?

Though, it would be fairly dangerous if you’re hosting a website on a server with minimal defense. Well, what can be said?

hosting server data center

Nowadays hackers are getting better and just by using a program which keeps generating and auto inputting the passwords will get them the passwords they so seemingly seek. Also with so many important data on servers like database, it seems a better secured hosting is needed. This is what we call as hipaa compliant hosting.

HIPAA means Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which was meant to protect the data and sensitive information related to personnel and clients. Though what it meant by having HIPAA compliant hosting? As we know your hosting has nothing to do with health, but this is a term to ensure that you, as a client of the HIPAA compliant hosting company protects and secures your data properly as required by IT auditors.

One good thing by hosting on these HIPAA hosts is that it will pass 100 percent of every IT audit or assessment sanctioned by the relevant industry or regulatory entity, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. Well, those are rules which are meant to be followed so I think it’s better to be safe than sorry when information could be breached any moment.

So for all webmasters, are we finally convinced about this requirement now?

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