How to Keep Directional Couplers in Optimum Condition

Directional couplers are designed with four circuits. One of the circuits is different as it has independent functions that don’t interact with the input port. If you want to avoid inefficiencies when tackling projects that require passive reciprocal networks, you must take proper steps to keep your directional couplers in peak condition.

Cover the Truck Bed

All directional couplers have holes where wires are mounted. Although each opening is narrow, water can seep inside of the housing if it’s soaked during a rainstorm. Since the back of a pickup truck is the most vulnerable place to store couplers, you should always cover your truck bed throughout all phases of a maintenance project.

Truck bed covers that are constructed out of a dense plastic material with a sliding mechanism are the best options for maintenance vehicles. After you install a cover that has a locking mechanism, you’ll have peace of mind throughout long maintenance routines as the lock cylinders will prevent theft.

Directional Couplers

Connect the Couplers Gradually

A coupler’s circular connectors have grooves that align with the etches on the end of a wire fastener. If you try to connect a wire to a coupler too quickly, you may damage the etched grooves. When the etches on a coupler are chipped or cracked, you won’t be able to twist a fastener completely in place.

Keep the Couplers Out of Direct Sunlight

In some climates, heat levels can rise dramatically around and inside a vehicle. If the sun blasts heat in one spot for several hours, the UV rays damage to metal products and accessories. This is why should you never leave your couplers in a vehicle on a hot day. If this isn’t an option, always crack the window before exiting the vehicle. While the windows are down, air in the surroundings will keep the temperature in the cabin within a practical range.

If you want to tackle many jobs that involve directional coupler applications, you’ll have to maintain your accessories. When coupler are like new, they’re able to distribute electrical currents more efficiently.

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