Nikon D5000 Swivel Mode

Now after what seems to be a rumored model of Nikon, Nikon finally after few days of rumors, it’s now going to be out.

The Nikon D5000 is out now and what a new revelation to entry level DSLR users and those venturing into new DSLR models. It boast of HD capable video recording quality and most importantly, a different major appearance compared to the other Nikon sets is the swivel mode of the live preview.

Nikon D5000 Swivel Mode

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Some specifications worth noted
Focal Point : 11 focus points (1 cross-type sensors)
Timer : 2, 5, 10, and 20 s
LCD : 2.7 ” TFT LCD
Uses the Multi CAM 1000 AF module, as with D90
4FPS continuous
viewfinder grid

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Author’s note

To me, I find it disturbing. It seems entry level deserved a boost but now it seems like it’s trying to be more like an all into one gadget. Now DSLR is not about taking photos but having more and more video functions like the swivel mode.

Nevertheless it still serve it’s purpose as a starting point for new users to DSLR and beginners alike. Thumbs up for Nikon and have your heads up for their rumored Nikon D400 upcoming towards the end of the year.


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