Tenda USB Wireless Adapter

It so happens that I was going to blog about this amazing product that somehow someone called me on the phone regarding a USB wireless adapter that he/she just bought which also has the same thing. The Tenda USB Wireless Adapter.

Previously I had another review on another USB WiFi adapter under Aztech, question is why would I get another USB adapter. Simple, I have another PC to test it on. Speaking about Tenda USB WiFi adapter, it looks so much cooler with it’s black body and elegant with it’s own stand. It’s also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Tenda USB Wireless Adapter

This brand is not as well known as the other leading brands as the brand comes directly from China, but so far so good, it has served me well. Signals picked up by this WiFi adapter seems to be strong nonetheless and sometimes I wonder not everything ‘unbrandified’ should be labeled as bad. Though speaking of warranty, that would be an issue.

If you’re looking for a cool WiFi adapter for your PC, get Tenda. Installation is simple though the menu might also appear in Chinese Characters. The plus of it is, it is also cheaper compare to the rest which is only at a mere price of RM25. Now who says your PC can’t get wireless. All that at a cost of RM25.

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