8GB Kingston Data Traveler

With technology moving at a fast pace, I wasn’t surprised when they can now have 32GB of storage in a super small thumb drive. Well, gone were the floppy discs and giant LDs. After losing both my 4GB and 2GB Kingston different generation thumb drives, I decided to compensate myself with a bigger storage of an 8GB Kingston Data Traveler Thumb Drive.

Kingston Data Traveler 8Gb

In the world of mini pen/thumb drives, Kingston still does it well with it’s different generations of drives and design. This current design though makes it all stylish and yes, it comes in pink in color too for those that love this color. To those who opt for the 8GB thumb drive, the only color is PINK and I must say it strikes a very good color matching with the silver outer layer.

It’s a sad thing though, it wouldn’t be like my recent 2GB thumb drive which is waterproof as it doesn’t come with a cap.


Go for this design if you love the different designs. As there is no cap, there’s no way it’s going to survive the washing machine this time around. With it’s compact size, it fits right into my wallet, thus I won’t go losing it like I used to.

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