Cheapest Sensonic Laser Mouse

TechieDan was actually looking for a MOUSE (the technical one) , maybe an optical mouse for his own personal desktop computer at home. While shopping in the All IT Hypermarket, his eyes was upon a word on one of the label. A RM19 mouse, a laser mouse?

sensonic laser mouse

Is that really true. After all this while, there wasn’t a Laser Mouse that cheap, thus he bought one home to test it out. Guess what? It worked and so far he’s satisfied with it ever since.

Not bad for a RM19 (equivalent to USD5) laser mouse. So if you’re looking for a cheap laser mouse and you really couldn’t find it, TechieDan recommends Sensonic Laser Mouse, claims to have 900 – 1600 DPI. Well you can actually set it on the switch below the mouse surface.

Edit : The model of this mouse is LS7. Though judging from new searches on the Internet, it looks like the price for this mouse went up to RM45 (about USD15) . There isn’t anymore of this model in LowYat plaza to be found.

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