Visual Basic 6 Cannot Use Access 2010

About VB6

Using Visual Basic 6 has its limitations. TechieDan has learnt that when trying to support a system which is deemed obsolete and replaced with the better and newer Visual Basic.Net. Of course, there are still older systems that exist and Visual Basic 6 is definitely one of them.

Visual Basic 6 connects using Microsoft Access 97 and this is where the complication begins.

MS Access 2010

TechieDan has Microsoft Access 2010 and Visual Basic 6 installed on his work desktop. Surprisingly he is modifying an old program to display certain values using Crystal Report on top a Visual Basic 6 platform. Microsoft Access 97 has the file extension .mdb but since TechieDan only has Microsoft Access 2010, he does not have access rights to change the structure and properties of the selected database.

MS Access Save Types

Using Microsoft Access 2010 allows update and insertion of data though anything to do with the structure of the old access 97 format cannot be done. Access 2010 allows saving to different versions of Access which is 2000 and 2003. Sadly Visual Basic 6 does not support these types. Thus needing to convert to 97 format and getting support from Microsoft Help seems to suggest that too.

Refer Below.

You can convert a database that contains Rich Text Memo fields (Memo fields that have the Text Format property set to Rich Text). However, versions of Access earlier than Access 2007 do not interpret the field as Rich Text. If any Rich Text formatting is present in the Access 2007 data, the text displays with HTML tags instead of the formatting in earlier versions of Access, as in the following example.


There is no way around that with Access 2010 converting to Access 97 format. Of course there are other ways out there with other third party programs to do the conversion. If you are still looking for a way using Microsoft’s product, either get the old MS Office 97 or get the Access 2003 to do the conversion for you.


Backward compatibility seems not to be encouraged by Microsoft. Though, if only the companies involved using these software would actually have people with the correct skill sets to upgrade. Anyone who has a better idea of solving this, do drop your comment below.

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