Page Rank 24th June 2009

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TechieDan has finally made it past the Page Rank 0. A few months back, was hit by the Google Ranking from a Page Rank of 2 to 1 then to 0. Realising the fact that due to insufficient updates these days, a few blog posts was released and TechieDan has now reached it’s Page Rank 1.

In a way though, Page Rank is still an amusing and complicated thing to comprehend. Believing that other than building links, the calculation would have been a lot more complex. Though suspicion of Google calculating page rank of a site seems a bit undefined. For example, if one owns a blogspot and that blog has not been updated for a very long time, (for instance one of my blogspot blogs), it still maintain it’s PR3 rank.

Some tools which TechieDan use to determine it’s Page Rank is from PrChecker, a simple direct PR display tool and PrCheckingTool, one that can determined whether there was any response to a banned PR ranking. TechieDan personally likes the 2nd tool, as it’s able to determine whether any one of my sites got banned for Page Ranking.

Well, anyway since it’s the mark of a new PR1 rank here, what about the rest of the people out there? Is this new update of PR something new to discuss.


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