Bloggers Being Scrutinised

If you’re in Malaysia, I think most of you have known that there was one time when the governing bodies thought of scrutinizing the bloggers and keeping track of what they do in the Internet. Well, those days when Jeff Ooi appeared in court due to so called allegations. For that reason, bloggers went united and twas the blogging industry malaysia bloomed further due to the publicity that occasion created.

Well, after the elections, it seems that a few things have changed with more freedom around. Even the current information minister even talk about bloggers and now listen to bloggers comments and views. I must say this is a very sudden change. Firstly, credit to the recent elections, this sudden change are what caused this. Well, with no more 2/3 majority, it’s time the public speak their hearts out.

So if you’re a blogger, don’t be afraid. But also don’t go overboard.

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