Wise Programmer

Programmers, they code for their life, their interest, some just do it for the sake of money. But what makes a programmer a real programmer?

In my working life as a programmer, I have this thing for looking into new technologies and I envy those who can code by themselves. But… one thing I learnt about working in a company is that, if you can code with the new technologies, but not documenting and writing your code well, it’ll make other people (your colleagues) mindfully cursing you for not following the standard. Writing perfect codes are great, but writing understandable codes are what makes a programmer a decent and wise programmer.

Some might be hasty in writing codes that they themselves understand. Well, then that is not a very wise person if he/she’s in a company working in a team. Besides, conformity to a certain standard has made a programmer what a programmer should be.

I quote from what I heard,
If you have the talent, use it wisely.

Also this quote.
A talented programmer writes super high-end codes, but a wise programmer writes understandable codes!

Sad but true, in the country I live in, people have this jurisdiction that they should never reveal their secret. That’s why open source is not famous here. Not until Microsoft comes in having household owners to license their MS Windows, then people will start looking toward open source.

So conclusion, do you think a programmer is just a programmer who cares about how well he codes or rather how readable his codes are??

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