MSN Live Messenger Winamp Player

You’re using MSN Live Messenger. I am sure many of you have noticed that if you have Windows Media Player 10 and above installed, you can integrate what song you’re currently listening into MSN Live Messenger.

Sad to say, we all know how resource hungry is Windows Media Player. So some opt for Nullsoft’s Winamp but what about showing what I listened? I’ve been using this plugin to work together with my MSN Live Messenger. It’s called MessengerAMP 3.0.

Good thing about this is that I can integrate it and even set to show how long is the track play. Just see some screenshots.

Live Messenger with MessengerAMP
Songs Currently Playing with Time

Now this is my winamp that’s currently playing that song

WinAmp View

So where to get this fantastic piece of plugin. You can get this at MessengerAmp 3.0 site. Easy to install, easy to work about. Need any help, just email me.

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