MSN Live Messenger 10 Year Anniversary

Switched on my personal computer and my Messenger Live came forward with a rewarding message this night. It looks like the 10 year anniversary of Messenger Live is here and looks like the guys in the Messenger team is giving out a whole new lots of freebies.

Windows Live Messenger 10 Year Anniversary

Having the liberty to this, TechieDan went to test this FREE GIFT PACK from MSN. After proceeding with the download of the free gift pack, here’s the screen after clicking on the application.

Theme Builder Extras

One can unclick both the checkboxes and still install onto their MSN Live Messenger. After clicking I Accept, your installation will proceed shortly and here are the results.

New MSN Theme

It seems like it’s more of a birthday theme where they added more background themes into your MSN background and into your emoticons. Well, in practical wise, it’s just another patch to give the people out there freebies. Nothing much but at least Microsoft is doing something.

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