Microsoft Stopped Support for Windows XP

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Here ye, here ye, looks like Microsoft has finally stop support for Microsoft Windows XP as of yesterday as of writing. Well, so long support for Windows XP by Microsoft, wonder what will happen to their knowledge base? I guessed this is Adios to Windows XP as Microsoft is pushing their newest Windows operating system which is the Windows 8.

Windows XP

Well, here are some of the best memories of Windows XP after being the operating system of choice since the past 12 years.

windows start bar

How will this affect the working world?

I do not think this will affect it that much seeing as most PCs in lot of companies are still using Windows XP, so definitely there will be lots of expert on Windows XP issues. Though it is also highly recommended to upgrade all the PCs in company to an updated version of Windows, more befittingly Windows 7. That is where one will start to think to either go 32 bits or 64 bits? This kind of issue would never be bothered at all at Windows XP (as all of it’s version are just 32 bits).

What will happen to the future of Windows XP?

Nadda, it will still be used as the most basic amongst all Windows for it’s smaller capacity required to install a Windows Operating System.

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