Keyboard Style Typing

If you’re into computers, most of you younger ones or rather addictive ones will be able to master this sort of skill in a few months, or even a year. Well, what I meant was your fingers grew accustomed to the keyboard you’re using that it seems they are glued towards the keyboard.

This ain’t a syndrome. Well, you can call it sticky fingers syndrome. I used to type on a laptop during my earlier working days, thus I am so not used to a keyboard all of a sudden. But then it takes time to get used to it. Now typing on a keyboard seems mighty easy without me even looking at the keyboard and monitor while talking to someone.

By the way not all people type the same way, some uses the traditional way, but most of the time I will be using like 2 or 3 finger from each hand. This is kind of peculiar, don’t you think so. It’s like your fingers know where to go to type and how wide the keyboard is.

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