Data Migration of might face a few hours downtime on the 24th of February 2010 as it’s host is doing a migration of data to another location. To know what’s the full scope of this data migration, here’s an excerpt of what’s going to happen.

This is a reminder that your Linux shared hosting services will be migrated to the new data center on the 24th Feb 2010. Please find below the additional details concerning the migration:

Actual physical server migration date / time: 9.00pm GMT+8 24 Feb 2010
Expected Interruption hours: 5 – 9 hours (9.00pm 24 Feb 2010 – 6.00am 25 Feb 2010)

Activity Progress Sheet

1.We will power down the server at the existing data center.
2.Wrap and pack the servers nicely to avoid any hardware issue during the servers transportation to the data center (from Cyberjaya to AIMS KL data center)
3.Un-wrap the server upon our arrival at the new data center and conduct a power test at the data center staging room to ensure there’s no power issue which may possibly trip the data center’s power source. Server will be shut down once again upon the successful power test.
4.We will rack the server into the server rack and power up the server.
5.We will start the IP renumbering on the server once the server is powered-on at the server rack. We expect to take about 30-45 minutes for each server renumbering to complete.
6.The entire migration process complete.

In the case you’re trying to access on that specific date, I would humbly apologise but will be back shortly after that.

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