MySQL ownership Taken Over

MySQL logoHmm.. shocking news. It seems that the free open source MySQL database has now been bought over by SUN. Yes, Sun, the creator of Java which is famous for it’s compile once run everywhere (basically platform independent).

In terms of news, with an astonishing figure of $1,000,000,000 or in literal translation 1 Billion dollars. That’s an astonishing figure. Looks like all the big players in the Internet market are buying over stuffs.

“The combination of MySQL and Sun represents an enormous opportunity for users and organizations of all sizes seeking innovation, growth and choice,” said Marten Mickos, CEO, MySQL.

Sun Microsystems LogoSun’s ever many Software will integrate with MySQL. The breakdown of the $1 billion can seperate in terms of $800 million in exchange of MySQL stock and approximated $200 million in other options. With this news, now not only with the long lasting partnership of Sun Microsystems and Oracle but also with an additional new database to integrate together.

“We are going to keep investing in that and keep doing that,” he said. “It is vital to our customers. It is vital to our business, but we can also use that expertise and share that expertise to optimize MySQL technology to run on Sun systems as well as Linux and Windows systems.” says Rich Green, executive Vice President of Sun Microsystems Software.

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