Installing my Internet Explorer 8

A few days back, I had the opportunity to finally try out Internet Explorer 8 on my pc in the office. Here’s my test and thought about it. One thing, it now adds lot of functionality and good job on the interface.

Though of course, as a developer I still can’t stop using Mozilla’s Firefox for its availability to integrate with other plugins those other developers wrote.

Now installing Internet Explorer needs a lot of rebooting but then it was worth it compared to when I started using Internet Explorer 6. Okay, I did use Internet Explorer 5 or 4 before that but that was history.

Internet Explorer 8

Of course as usual, this is the original screen of Installation of IE8 and as always Microsoft wants to know how you used their software and grab as much data as possible. Up to you to choose what you like.

Installing IE 8

Now when you get the Installer, you’re actually getting the downloader to run. Darn… well, then at least Microsoft wants to help you maximise security when installing their products.

IE8 Restart

Now you see what I meant, lots of pre-requisite things required when isntalling Internet Explorer 8.

One more is that good thing that one wouldn’t need to uninstall the previous version of Internet Explorer to install this version. It helps you to remove the previous installation automatically and bring forward any of your bookmarks to the new version. Here’s how the new version of IE8 looks like though.

IE8 Screenshot

Alright, even the search bar and url bar is now dynamic. I guessed it has improved it’s functionality. Though let’s see how it goes so far.

Verdict : 7/10 for it’s new sleek style and better integration. Still it’s not platform dependent and not developer friendly.

ps : Edited to enable view pictures


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