Google PR Reconsideration

I’ve heard of the numerous rumors. Yes, people who has been doing paid postings and excessively doing it has been slapped with the google PR. They have been slapped wth a PR0 thus reducing their chances to do paid postings. Well, how does one get back their Page Rank after that?

Some bloggers even go to the extend that they wanted to abandon their website all due to this. So now they wanted to get back their Page Rank. How do they do it? TechieDan will now show you the steps and information.

If you’re seriously considering to get back you Page Rank, do the following.

  • If you’re doing paid posting, clean up your links once again and add the rel=”nofollow” tag.
  • Avoid selling links on your site, or if you have to, make it minimal
  • Login to and request for consideration once again.

While requesting for consideration, write a reason as to why you’re requesting consideration and what steps you did. Hope this helps. If there are any other tips, don’t mind posting it here!

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