Connect to FTP using Browser

Do you want to get some files from a FTP site or location? This is something TechieDan faces where the place that he is working at blocks outside files being transferred from any FTP applications.

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Even proxy addresses were blocked (for those not sure about proxy – do read more about it here). So what would be the best possible solution?

Use your browser as your FTP

My vendor gave me details like this to connect to their ftp server in order to retrieve some files.
id/password :crazynonsense/daniel@nonsense

So how would I do this on the web browser?

This is how you should type.

1. Type
2. Press enter. It should work.

Wait…. just that? Yes.

Note: Why is there a %40 in there? a %40 represents a @ in HTML in order for your web browser to correctly determine the address. You can find out more about this as ASCII characters.

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