What is nofollow Tag

Well, sometimes you see certain people talking all about making their links no follow. Well, what do they mean by that? First you got to understand, a nofollow tag is so that Google PR doesn’t count that as a proper backlink. Just a normal link. Well, some bloggers do in fact remove the nofollow tag from their comments so that other bloggers have backlinks too.

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Well, after talking about it, how about adding this nofollow tag.


That’s it, if you’re still unsure, here is a sample nofollow tag in a URL

<a href="https://techiedan.com" rel="nofollow">TechieDan</a>

There are certain reasons why people put the nofollow tag. An example would be writing paid postings. Well, though advertisers wouldn’t like you if you do that. So have fun thinking what you should put and what you should not.

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