Setting up your JDK JAVA_HOME

Sun Java

Setting up your Java environment to work on is as easy as how it seems to be. With Sun now offering executable JDK program, nothing much needs to be done.

As of date, current JDK is the JDK 6.0 kit which was said to be powerful that the previous versions beforehand. Download and then install and voila, you’re good to run. All you need is to go into the bin folder of the JDK and run the javac and the java commands. This time I won’t be using an IDE though to explain t

he procedure.

If you wanna set up your environment variables on Windows, here’s how you do it on Windows XP.

Right Click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables.

Under User Variable for Users > New. Type the following.

Variable Name : JAVA_HOME
Variable Value : [Location of JDK folder] ex: D:\JDK6.0

After this you may now freely use your JDK to compile and run your code anywhere on the PC environment. I will touch on the compilation part using pure JDK later instead of an IDE in the coming parts.

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