Blogspot Add New Template

Time to help a few people. For those not in the technical side, modifying a template of a blog would be quite a hassle. Think about writing a new one instead. That’ll be a superbly pain in the ass.

Though fear no more. On the world wide web, there are lots and lots of templates ready to be downloaded and used. For those using or templates, there are two variance which is the old html and the widgetized.

So how to upload a new template downloaded from the web?

Blogger Upload Template

Steps are pretty simple. Click the Browse and after finding the xml template. Click upload and you’re ready to go. If there are any questions regarding this help, why not post it here. Comments welcome.

Additional Notes

It looks like some bloggers could not get the desired screen as above and instead have this screen.

Old Blogger Template

Now this is what I meant by the old screen. The options aren’t the same like it was mentioned on the first picture above. Is there something wrong with blogger?


To solve this and to have the same screen with the first screen, just click on Customize Design. Then this screen will appear.

Activate New Template

Click to Upgrade Your Template and finally, you are now in a new template which support widgets. Say goodbye to old style html templates. It’s now all HTML.

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