MUP.sys Error Solved

Previously, I had a weird error that’s been bugging me. Well, Here’s the scenario.

PC Affected

OS : Windows XP

I went and shared both my Drive C: and Drive D: into the network. While accessing another PC to access these 2 drives, the shared PC stopped functioning and hanged. So then I proceed to restart it. Little did I know, it was a very bad mistake to make.

Then appeared before me, a Windows XP Loading which doesn’t load at all. Trying to restart in safe mode doesn’t seem to start with the process of loading stopping at MUP.sys. Then to my horror, it’s the same everywhere for every safe mode. Not wanting to give up, I searched through the net and some even say about replacing the MUP.sys or disable the MUP.sys. Though I’ve tried the following solution and my problem was solved.

Put in your Windows XP CD and go into Repair Console Mode.
In console mode ex : c:/>
Type in CHKDSK /P for error check
If error detected Type CHKDSK /R for repair

The above process took me quite long that I decided to leave my PC overnight for the CHKDSK /R.
In the morning though, I found out that there was error on the PC and it says it already fixed the issue. So I restarted the PC and voila, it’s back to normal.

Not to say this is the solution for most MUP.sys problems. This was my scenario, if you really need to refer to others, here are some links.

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Updates : By the way, something is wrong once again, and I must say this MUP.sys is really screwed up. I recommend a full format though. The fix it has messed up my registry.

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