Simple Steps To Protect Your PC

I’ve been paged by relatives and even friends as to help them clean their viruses and advertisements that pop up while they’re surfing the internet. Some even have problem deleting a certain file which actually seem malicious. Why do all these things happen? Well, they happen so that people like me can earn money through it?? Hahaha.. not really.

I’m going to give some pointers as to what one should do!

  1. Do not simply click links that may deem unnecessary which have tag lines like “I love my body, come take a look” – MSN virus
  2. For doing transaction online, make sure that connection is from a secured connection. Look for the url with https://
  3. Never click redirection links from an email to the login page of transaction site. They might be phsing the current site to get your information.
  4. Always Always install an antivirus, if you need a free one get either AVG or Avast or the many other choices out there.
  5. If you have an antivirus, please update your virus definition file so it keeps up to date to the latest attack and viruses.
  6. Use Firefox if you need to for better security. Well, if you want to avoid the target of many hackers who tried to find a loophole in Microsoft Products, ie : Internet Explorer.

Ok then, maybe this points might not be enough, but at least it’ll help in a certain way. So whatever, think wisely.

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