User Scott Locked in Oracle 10G

This happened with a fresh installation of the Oracle 10G Express Edition downloaded from Oracle’s website. TechieDan was playing with Qlikview, and in order to connect to a database using the OLE DB method, an installation to test out the connection was done.

Oracle 10G Database

Tested with one of the test users for the db with the username scott. Looks like it came out with this message.

User Account Scott is Locked

Seemingly, though, Oracle 10G has an administration website and it’s just easy to change the settings for this user.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G

This is the main screen for the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10G. On the Internet there are loads and loads of instruction to modify the username using SQL which is indeed confusing to the a certain few, so why not something straightforward to just modify the user direct from the administration panel.

From that screen scroll down some more until one finds the User & Privileges Menu options.

Click Users under Oracle Enterprise manager 10G

The next screen will bring a display of the many users of the Oracle DB, and the one we’re interested in now is the username Scott. Click the radio button next to it and click on Edit.

By doing this, you will now be on the next screen, which is the most critical and important part to modify it’s privileges and also to finally unlock this user.

Click Unlocked

By following the steps above, you have finally unlocked the user Scott. Finally one can access their DB using scott.


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