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In this Social Networking life, people keep themselves updated with the happenings around them using many social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and the likes. Though what would you say if you’re able to earn through these social media applications. One such way is by using Twitter. Then there’s ChurpChurp that gives one the liberty to do so.

I Love ChurpChurp

Some people will think that this is a scam, but TechieDan here has shown that if you’re an active Social Media Networker, the possibility of making money using Churp Churp is possible. Churp Churp will provide ads from a list of advertisers that suits to the liking of what you wanted to display. Well, if one does not want to display alcoholic ads, then one can just stop it from displaying.

You’re entitled for payment once it hits RM100 though. Based on the current FAQ, ChurpChurp is open for registration for social media enthusiasts from Malaysia and Singapore only.

Churp Churp Earning

Great News
Churp Churp is also giving the liberty to twit one’s post to their Facebook profile.

As seen, TechieDan has requested payment as of October 25th 2010.

WithDrawn ChurpChurp Amount

After request of payment, there will be a transaction fee of RM1 applied to all cashouts. TechieDan will update this again once payment is received.

So if you think being a social network enthusiast is a waste of time, think again. Do note however it takes quite a while before one can establish themselves and tweeting with the reason to earn money is definitely a put off reason to follow your tweets.

If you want to know more about Churp Churp, Nuffnang has posted a brilliant post on it located here.

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