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Blogging is all about telling your readers what you want them to know. Of course, some people write blogs like it’s a job for them, educating the public and writing their own opinions. There are many sites out there that claimed to be a blog, but most of them either copy a post or post about events which are already duplicated around in the blog universe. There are also those that teaches you how to make money online just by blogging.

Take for instance, a person goes to an event. He blogs about it as do 20 or 100s of others that attended the event. We now have duplicate blogs regarding this event and most photos are duplicate. This is good for the organizer, though if everyone blogs the same thing, it becomes boring to the readers unless someone writes in a perspective that is different. This meant that instead of talking what event has happened, what are the schedule of the event, maybe pop in some thoughts and different perceptive of the event.

Seemingly events like this usually generates lots of blog writings as the organizers might reward them based on the blog writings, or reward them with meals and privileges in the VIP areas. Of course, everyone wants to be in the limelight. Though how about the smarter ones?

What does TechieDan mean by saying that?

Blogging is a past time and a very enjoyable thing to do. Making money online just by blogging is seriously not something new in the internet. As opposed to lifestyle blogging, where one has to attend events and getting invitations, blogging online without having to attend these unnecessary commotions and earning money is incredible. Surprisingly, let’s talk about the Internet unfolds.

Lifestyle Blogger

They blog according to events. Once the event has ended, there would be a few hits here and there which would help generate some income. Though how long will this last depends on how great is the event. Of course, if they have a great following and become famous for whatever reason, they have potential to earn large income online as advertisers come in.

Technical Blogger (Only remain online)

These bloggers are basically ones who I call the smarter ones. They might not have a huge blogger followings and also rarely attend parties that lifestyle bloggers do. Writing a blog post about some technical problems, food, products, life technicalities will almost always ensure that there is traffic to his/her blog. Why? As users of the Internet, a wide range of people look for solutions and these bloggers provide the solutions and the reviews which can be used over time. Earning money is also easier as they just have to remain in front of the monitor with their keyboard (or some instance tablets/smaller devices) and write their reviews.

How to Make Money Online By Blogging?

Well, now you have it and roughly know the difference. If you are not aiming to be a lifestyle blogger which need huge followings from the people around you, I suggest being somewhat a technical blogger. You see, there are such things as link buying and also writing reviews for a product which will reward you monetarily.


Well, a website I could recommend is LinkVehicle where one can buy blog reviews and also can market their blogs or sites to others for them to buy a review too. An example would be below as to how one can send their blog for others to buy reviews to write about their website or an article.

MarketPlace LinkVehicle

How does TechieDan know?

Currently TechieDan is also a user of this system and though there are wide range of articles to choose from, this site gives the web link buyer to choose their writers or reviewers instead of us fighting our way to get the latest opportunities to write.

Also buyers get to choose a blog that supports their niche of the review they wanted from the blog itself. This at least helps to minimize random topics being publish in a blog.

Of course, bloggers you may now submit your blog to be included into this marketplace though there is a catch.

What’s the Catch?

Below is an excerpt of what sites and blogs acceptable.

LinkVehicle reviews every site submitted and is committed to providing our advertisers with quality links. To ensure quality, we have specific requirements a site must pass in order to be placed in our marketplace. The amount of incoming Links to your site will play a large role in determining whether or not you will be placed in our marketplace.

Knowing this, it is highly unlikely that non original content would be in the market thus ensuring high quality content from the blogger markets. Of course if you own one which writes original content and have good backlinks, this is the website for you.

As a publisher, you will get paid for the links you published. For bloggers, you will reviews to write. For advertisers, now after reading this ‘short’ explanation of what LinkVehicle is, and if you love my writing, you can register here and if you’re interested in TechieDan to write a blog review about your product, do visit my affiliate link HERE.


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