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For those who are into blogging and have been blogging for quite awhile, if you’re situated in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines or even Australia, most of you would have heard about Nuffnang Ad Agency. Started by Timothy Tiah and Boss Ming when they decided to do something to encourage bloggers to blog and also for advertisers to find potential online blogs to advertise out there. TechieDan is writing this review in lieu of certain visitors who would want to know how to start making cash while blogging online. (Applies for beginners)

Here’s a review on what thinks about Nuffnang.

  • Nuffnang is only good if you have visitors mainly coming from the region that the ads are targeted. This means you had to have majority of your visitors from the mentioned countries earlier (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines & Australia).
  • Nuffnang is a good way to promote your blog with it’s widget based blog visiting tool which are good for blogs having low visit counts.
  • Nuffnang provides free movie outings, programs to it’s members and by achieving Glitterati status (exclusive South East Asia ads), one has higher chance of joining one.
  • Nuffnang gives the opportunity for one country to get to know another person from another country.
  • Though Nuffnang is said to give equal opportunity to smaller lesser known blogs to earn their cash, in real situation, small blogs don’t really benefit from Nuffnang – since advertisers wouldn’t want to spend their money on advertisement on blogs that generate lesser visits.
  • There has been a group of so called users garnering cash from group clicks per day to garner and gain more cash, puts off certain advertisers (well, all ads network suffered the same thing)
  • To achieve moderate earnings from Nuffnang, one has to have at least 100 to 200 unique visitors per day to get at least a fair decent amount to cash off in 1/2 months.

So far, Nuffnang has been serving since 2008 and up till now, is satisfied. Though in recent reports, it showed that is getting more and more visitors from other countries especially the United States of America (USA).

With this current statistics, earnings for under Nuffnang is not high. Here’s the recent report.

If you’re looking for a way to generate a slight income while blogging personally, you can try using Nuffnang. Nuffnang doesn’t conflict with Google Ads interest thus you can run both Nuffnang Ads and Google Ads at both the same time.

For newcomers to the blogging world who just found out about this ad network, if you need any clarification, do comment here or if you need more details, do use the Contact Me form.


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