3 Ways that Content Marketing Helps your Business

In the internet and social media age, content marketing has become an extremely powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. It can establish you as a leader in your industry and give your customers useful, informative content. Content marketing can be made even simpler if you create content yourself, but if you feel like your time is more valuable elsewhere, full service companies, such as Digital Ethos, can be a great help with your content marketing and improving your brand.

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  1.     Increased traffic to your site. The more time spent on content marketing means more content on your site. This means that your customers will stay on your site longer and more often, giving them more opportunity to become familiar with your brand. Content marketing can also lead to higher visibility in search engines, which will bring more customers to your site. Every new post on your site is another piece that could show up on a Google search. While more pages on your site doesn’t necessarily correlate to more search traffic, having more quality pages indexed in a search engine can increase the rank of your site in search queries. If you target topics that your customers will frequently search for then your site should appear often on those searches. The same can occur on social media sites. If your content appears on social media platforms, more customers will see and read your material. Your site can also be shared with friends and followers, which will increase your overall exposure.
  2.     Better brand perception. When people read material on your site they build an impression of your brand. If the material on your site is helpful, informative, interesting and enlightening then they will have a greater impression of your brand. Further, if content published on your site shows up on external sources and social media feeds, then customers will perceive your brand as more trustworthy and as a leader in the industry. A better brand reputation will help increase loyalty and closeness to your customers. If a customer uses your site as a primary source of information, then their loyalty will remain for as long as they buy your product.
  3.     Cheaper than traditional marketing. Many times, content marketing is perceived as time consuming and expensive. However, it can actually be cheaper than other forms of marketing. This type of marketing can be achieved by starting a blog or specific space on your web page in which you post content that would be useful to your customers. This can be done either on the same site as your main webpage or your can use a blog website and link back to your own site. Creating a blog will cost next to nothing and will bring customers to your brand. For this to be effective, you only need to post about once a week. The content that you post is how you will gain rank in search engines. If you do the writing yourself, it will cost nothing but your time and will usually only take about 45 minutes to an hour.

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