3 Reasons Why SEO is Crucial for Local Businesses in 2017

For quite some time, internet marketing forums were flooded with claims that SEO is already dead. Some say it is no longer relevant to thrive with the advances in online marketing made even convenient, though challenging, through the rise of social media, mobile phone searches, and others. However, the truth is a complete opposite. Experts in internet marketing say search engine optimisation is becoming a more crucial factor for the success of online business amidst and because of the overwhelming changes coming into the World Wide Web. In fact, local businesses must invest strategically in SEO to get the most out of their online marketing efforts and to survive in this intensely competitive environment.


While some people try to prove the irrelevance of SEO, these facts continue to reinforce its importance for local businesses today:

  1. Search Engine Usage Remain High

With new innovations in the World Wide Web, the frequency of search engine use continues to be high, with people using it for various purposes. In fact, in spite of social media and e-commerce sites, search engine remains the top go-to for people who want to buy something online. Smart Insights says the number of searches per day in the first half of 2017 totals to more than 6.5 billion worldwide, proving that people still rely on these search mechanisms for virtually about anything they need.

  1. SEO Increases Content Visibility

Another internet marketing cliché that has been proven still correct until today is that “Content is King”. Due to search engine algorithms favoring substantial content and doing away with spammy ones, content has become even more important. Yet, a good content on its own, no matter how brilliant, can prove to reach further with the help of SEO. Some great content didn’t stand a chance at exposure simply because of the failure in SEO. Hence, for laborious hours creating good content to pay off, SEO must be practiced in conjunction with content creation.

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  1. Keywords Are Still Relevant

With search engines still hitting high in web audience usage, the relevance of keywords is expected to become crucial as well. Keyword search and use in online content still remain as the best ways to reach audiences, engage potential customers and bring success to your brand. Long tail keywords are becoming more important as the web continues to be packed with content and users becoming sharper in their search techniques. Hence, SEO continues to be one of the most crucial strategies for online success.

After all these, the fact still remains that there is more to SEO than just keywords and content. An excellent SEO strategy must be created with the help of people who know and understand its mechanisms. This will help you win in the online game and bring success to your local business. And for brick and mortar enterprises that are still to launch their online presence, it is high time to do it soon so as not to be left behind in the race.

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