3 Models of Cloud Computing

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With the advance of the internet in so many areas of modern day life, personal and professional, there has been a proportional increase in the need for cloud computing specialists like those at iuvo Technologies. Cloud computing is a complicated area that requires skill and training. So what exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is, in the simplest terms possible, service and resource delivery over the internet. It makes IT services like data/cloud storage and computer processing available. There are three main types, or models, of cloud computing. Continue reading to learn more about the three cloud computing models: the three types are platform as a service, software as a service and infrastructure as a service. 

Cloud Computing

1. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The platform as a service cloud computing model, abbreviated PaaS, provides a platform. This platform gives people the tools to create and manage a host of web applications while preventing the need to set up and manage things like storage, databases, servers and networks; the platform as a service computing model already takes care of these infrastructure components. The platform as a service cloud computing model also leads to increased efficiency by eliminating the need to worry about and maintain this underlying infrastructure.

2. Software as a Service (SaaS)

The second commonly used cloud computing model is software as a service, or SaaS. The software as a service model is also known as rentware or subscribeware, and it is essentially the delivery of applications through the internet. In the software as a service model, there is a separate cloud host that houses all the software applications for you.

Like with the platform as a service model, there is no need to worry about setting up or maintaining infrastructure. The cloud provider/host provides everything, and the only concern is how you personally will use the software application. Using software as a service also provides a way to access all the applications at once as they are all stored in one location. You don’t have to manage hardware or software—all you need is internet access.

3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Finally, there is the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud computing model. This is the simplest and most basic cloud computing model and the least efficient. It requires the most work and effort, but this is offset by the fact that this model also provides the most flexibility and control of any cloud computing model. In the infrastructure as a service cloud computing model, all the tools are provided for basic cloud IT. You essentially rent infrastructure components such as storage, networks and servers from a service provider and then maintain them yourself. It is a “pay as you go” type of service, where you are charged for the amount of each service you use. 

These are the three basic service models of cloud computing. The next time you are trying to decide on a cloud computing model, remember this and consider how much freedom you want versus how much effort you are willing to invest and decide on a model accordingly.

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