Tips to Check Your Thumb Drive for Viruses

It happens frequently. Too frequently. As a developer, sometimes deploying or installing a software to a PC or a laptop will reap oneself a strange reward. The thumb drive gets infected with a virus. On a good day, TechieDan would surely be helping the person to clear the virus on their laptop or their PC, though soon after there is still that freaking virus in the thumb drive.

virus alert

Wait…. viruses in your thumb drive? How will one know that? TechieDan has actually covered that many articles ago, regarding a common virus that infects your thumb drive. One such main culprit is the shortcut virus which changes all your folders in your thumb drive into shortcuts. They are still accessible and poses no danger as it will link it to your real folders which are hidden from view.

So where are the tips?

Hold your horses. Now you see those shortcuts, but how else can it affect your PC or rather infect your PC? Whenever things like this happen, look for suspicious files that were never there. It could be an exe file or a folder that has never existed before. Remember do not simply click on an exe file as that could be a file generated by the virus.

What happens if one does double click or press enter on the file?

Then you have just made your computer infected with the specific virus. In the end, you have started another chain for it to infect other thumb drives that connects to this computer.

Alright, I get it, so how do I clear this virus from my thumb drive?

Creator of viruses evolved, or rather upgrade the virus codes and functions differently. If you are actually facing the same symptoms as described above, the solution for that problem could be found somewhere around this blog. That should be the best solution. Of course, there is another solution. The way is to install an antivirus software which could help protect your own personal computer and to clear your viruses from the thumb drive.

Installing an Antivirus?

BitDefender Antivirus

Antivirus is one of the best solution for data protection of your personal computer. By installing an antivirus you ensure that all your data is at least protected from spy tools and also other compromises. Of course there are loads of antivirus out there and there are reasons why some people chose different antivirus programs to install.

So what are the criteria to choose an antivirus?

For some, an antivirus that one choose could be because of its simplicity. While some goes for its easy to use GUI (graphical user interface). Of course there are loads and loads of reason why some people chose one antivirus over the other, but bear in mind that one does not install 2 antivirus programs into their PC. Doing so will confused your antivirus program and they might sort of clean up each another.

So then what the best antivirus program?

If you would like to know this answer, the answer lies beyond imagination. Most of it has its own advantages and it is all depending on its user. As for me, I usually love an antivirus that is light weight and uses the less resources of my personal computer. Well, you can use my suggestion and then start on from there.

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