Cannot Format SD Card Write-Protected

“I cannot format my SD Card, my SD is infected by a virus. Even when I push the lock to unlock, it still does not allow me to format it”

SD Card lock

This case happened to my colleague. Surprisingly this commotion happened as his SD Card was infected with the VBS.Dunihi virus. Also it also locked his SD Card, making him unable to unlock it even at the unlock tip of the SD Card.

virus alert

Tried lots of solution, formatting using DOS mode and it will show

Drive is write protected.

Tried to use AntiVirus to clean it, it will show

Unable to clean due to write protect of the specific drive

Finally, I read different articles online saying that try to use a tape (sellotape) to stick on the card near the clip. Here are the steps.

1. Push the clip to unlock2. Paste the sellotape on top the clip so that it covers the clip.
3. Try formatting now, it should now work and is able to write.
4. After formatting, you can now write it once again after you put the clip back to unlock.

Took me 15 minutes to figure the sellotape solution up even when I was reading a lot of other reviews.


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