What 3 Special Things do Electrical Linemen Do?

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What do Electrical Linemen Do?

Few people ever stop to think about how we get electricity in our homes. We simply take it for granted until there is a problem. Who makes that possible, though? It’s the job of electrical linemen to build, maintain and repair the infrastructure than provides people and businesses with electricity. It’s a dangerous and exciting career, and here are three things linemen specifically do.

Perform Safety Measures

Building and repairing live electrical lines is a very dangerous business. Linemen are at constant risk of falling or being electrocuted, and they must take serious safety measures for themselves, including pole top rescue training, to be sure they are safe. Then they must regularly inspect electrical transmission equipment so that potentially lethal situations are prevented, such as breaks in the lines or miswiring. Damage from natural disasters is another issue for linemen, who often work extreme hours after a hurricane or tornado to get power restored to affected communities.

Electrical Linemen Dangerous Job

Erect Electrical Poles

Wooden electrical poles are a common sight all around America. At the tops, they hold cables and wiring for different services including electricity, cable television and internet. Linemen who work for these types of service companies are responsible for not only erecting the poles, but setting up the cables and supports that are suspended by them.

Service Transformers

Have you ever noticed those round grey cylinders perched at some of the electrical pole tops? These are called transformers, because that’s exactly what they do: transform the current going through the power lines into the type of current that is fed into your home. Sometimes things can go wrong with transformers, and they must be serviced or replaced by linemen. If you’ve ever heard a loud noise in your neighborhood and then the electricity went out suddenly, you’ve experienced a transformer problem.

There are many other things electrical linemen do, so if this type of job appeals to you, then you should check out this often underappreciated career. You probably don’t know it, but a lineman has likely saved your life more than once!

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