4 Keys To Troubleshooting Your Hydraulic Machines

There are two ways to receive power from a hydraulic fluid machine. One is low flow with high pressure, and the other is low pressure with high flow. For most operators, the philosophy of plant operation is that if the hydraulic machine is working, leave it alone.

Troubleshooting One

Hydraulic machines require little maintenance if they are handled correctly. Filters may need changing, hydraulic hose Fort Worth TX may need replacing, or oil levels may need adjusting. Often these repairs and small maintenances may occur years apart, and the machine can quickly be up and running again.

Hydraulic Sample

Troubleshooting Two

One of the largest problems in a hydraulic system is man-made error. The operator can check the motor, inspect hoses, and assess the pressure gauges, but most untrained individuals forget the most obvious source of hydraulic problems – the pump. Maintenance personnel should be trained on the different pump values and their functions to easily identify potential problems.

Troubleshooting Three

Identifying problems with a pump is all about the flow and pressure behind the flow. If an operator makes random adjustments to the system, problems can quickly follow. Some plants have “switch flippers” or “knob turners” that believe they can fix any problem with a twist or a flip. The crises often takes a few hours to manifest, and it can be as bad as high oil temperature or complete machine shut down. Machines should only be adjusted by trained maintenance personnel.

Troubleshooting Four

Pump replacement filters, oil, and other components often do not have the same number as the original or five-year-old replacement parts. This can cause many problems because even if the hydraulic pump or valve looks the same, they may not be. If this occurs in your plant, check with the manufacturer about the differences before plugging the item in and beginning operation.

Eliminating the downtime of your hydraulic machines, systems, and pumps can be as easy as providing a trained maintenance worker for your business. Getting the machine back online is as simple as understanding there are two ways to get power from hydraulics, and not confusing them.

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