SVN Error on Eclipse

Using Eclipse as my Java editor, and attempting to update the desired codes and to mark the version on SVN with TechieDan’s codes has prompted this error from eclipse.

SVN Error Using Eclipse

“Attempted to lock an already-locked dir svn:”

Now looking at this, nothing was updated and a solution was needed to be able to update codes. The solution is pretty simple though. After browsing through the web, it looks like that there was some synchronization errors and all one need to do is to clean up the SVN.

Eclipse Team Cleanup

Right click on Desired Project > Team > Cleanup.

The following should work. If all else fails here’s the other alternative, which is to delete the lock file.

Shutdown your Eclipse.
Go to .svn folder and delete .lock file(s).

If you’re still getting some error, make sure to check for case sensitivities of file in the repository. This prevents the repository from being checked out on Windows because Windows is unable to distinguish the two same named files. Ex: abc.jpg and abc.JPG.

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