How To Create An Annoying Site

This is a small part of where someone who isn’t IT savvy but just want to poke some fun ass onto his friends with his annoying websites.

Well, what I meant was have you ever been sent a site where there are popups like Welcome to My Site! Now you can do that too. All you need is to enter this into your page html.

<script language=”javascript”>
alert(“You are now in my site!”);
alert(“Hahaha!! I have complete control over your clicking!! You can’t do anything except click me!”);
alert(“The problem is you have to go thru all this pop up to get the sexy photos later!”);
<!– and on on on on and on and on……. –>

Yes, though let me tell you something. If you were to do this to all your links. Be prepare to lose some visitors. Of course with a bit of customization, you can actually set it to display this things when people redirect from a certain site. How to do this next step though? That will come in another time.

If you still have trouble with the script above and still ain’t sure where to insert it, you may drop a message in this post.


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