Photoshop Showing Yellowish White

A few days back, was having problems with my Adobe Photoshop CS3 program, with the white of the application showing a tint yellow from original white. The picture was fine, opening a random jpeg file with Microsoft Paint shows it was white but opening with Adobe Photoshop shows white as yellowish tinted white.

Now what seems to be the problem. After looking through online news, I saw most are clueless and some said the driver of the monitor needs to be uninstall. Well, so far it will work if you do that, which means Photoshop has something to with your monitor calibration. So what was my action for this instead? Here’s my solution.

Photoshop Color Settings

For CS3 users, go to Edit > Color Settings or press Shift + Ctrl + K and set your color profile to e-sRGB which somehow works for me. Yes, that simple only.

Until I find another hefty kind of solution, I think this is just enough to make it work. If you have another alternative better solution for this. Why not post in the comments to help others.


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