Merging Your Photos Using Photoshop CS3

You have a collection of photos and want to merge your photos together. Well, if you have a camera, and you snapped them and wanted to join them using any photo editor software to do the panaroma effect.

For now TechieDan will be teaching you how to merge photos to create a panaroma effect with simple steps using Adobe Photoshop CS3 (yes.. CS4 would roughly work the same way). A year ago, TechieDan paid a heavy price for merging the photos one by one by sticking them together and cutting and paste using Adobe Photoshop CS. With the emergence of Adobe Photoshop CS3, the process is now made simple.

Here’s the expected result.

Panaroma Help

Impressive? Here’s how to do it?

Step 1

Menu Photoshop Panaroma

Select Photomerge and the next screen will come up in Step 2.

Step 2

Browse For Photos

Now you can play around with it, or just set it to Auto and search for files using the Browse… button. Do not overload with too many photos or you will face a very long downtime of joining the photos together. It takes up loads of memory.

Here’s the effect after joining 6 photos together.

Photoshop Sidebar

So you have it, the above photo was basically joined by 6 different photos. Not bad? If you a better way or any other way to do panaroma with other softwares, why not drop a comment?

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